About Southbound Stays

Meet your hosts

Hi! We’re Megan and Richard- and that little guy is our son / host-in-training. We are a husband-and-wife team who own and host our own vacation rentals. We operate as Southbound Stays and offer accommodations in the City (Nashville), Countryside (Leiper’s Fork) and Coast (Cocoa Beach). Our goal is to simplify travel and ensure a memorable stay for our guests by providing plentiful amenities, clear communication and a variety of travel suggestions.


Florida to Tennessee and back

Both of us are Florida natives from the Space Coast but we have always enjoyed traveling. Nashville, in particular, held a special place in my (Megan’s) heart even before our hosting days. It was a city I frequently visited for work during my pre-hostess life, and it always stood out as my favorite destination. For Valentine’s Day in 2012, Richard joined me for a couple’s weekend and it sparked serious discussions about a move to the city. Later that year, we made it official and became Tennesseans. We spent 10 years in Nashville and that included many milestones, including the acquisition of our properties there. Most notably, however was the birth of our son in 2021.

Once our family grew, our hearts felt a strong pull back to Florida, where we could raise our child alongside our families in the place we both grew up. In January 2023, we made the move back to the Sunshine State. While we officially live in Florida, we feel fortunate to split our time between both states and still feel as though both the Space Coast and Nashville are “home.”

Becoming hosts

You can read our full history here but in short, our hosting journey began in 2016 with our first rental home in Nashville, The Country Cottage – a quaint, 1920s gem that was in need of some TLC. As a bonus, it had a second guest house out back, known today as The Little House

What started as a “small project” turned into 2 full remodels and ignited not only a passion for design but also hosting. Connecting with guests and sharing some good ole Southern hospitality seemed to be my true calling. So much so that soon after our first home, we bought a nearby studio … and then another. In July, 2019 we added Lyric, a beautiful home in a charming Tennessee town called Leiper’s Fork, just 45-minutes outside of Nashville. This home became the tipping point and when I decided to leave my job to pursue hosting full-time (as well as launch a side business helping other hosts).

In July 2022 we expanded our portfolio to include Florida with the addition of our Lunar Beach Bungalow in Cocoa Beach. Today, we own and host 4 traditional vacation homes and 1 extended stay rental in Tennessee and 1 vacation home and 1 extended stay rental in Cocoa Beach, FL.

We’d love to host you

Whether your travels lead you to the city, countryside, or coast, we are ready to welcome you! We’re honored to be your hosts and hope our rentals become a cherished part of the memories you make during your own southbound stay in Tennessee or Florida.

When you choose to stay in a Southbound Stays rental, you have direct access to us, the owners and your dedicated hosts, especially when you book direct here on our website.

If you have any questions about any questions for us, we encourage you to contact us. You can also stay connected by following us on social media or signing up for our emails!

Megan & Richard McCrea

What Sets Us Apart  

  • Our rentals were carefully chosen for their incredible locations, most of which are centrally located and walkable to nearby dining, activities and key destinations. The only exception is our Lyric at Leiper’s Fork home, a rural escape and a destination all its own.
  • Each rental was designed with intention to maximize space and comfort. Since 2020, our Tennessee properties have all undergone extensive remodels or full renovations to enhance the guest experience. For instance, we’ve increased our focus on safety and family-friendly additions. We personally stay in our rentals throughout the year to conduct maintenance and improvements.
  • All our homes not only meet standard expectations for the modern traveler but offer some unexpected touches as well. You can learn about our home standards and plentiful amenities here.
  • All our rentals are family- friendly and dog- friendly – with amenities to help make traveling with little ones and / or dogs easier.
  • We operate in accordance with all local laws. This is a big one for us, y’all. Even if you choose another rental, please choose a host that operates in accordance with local laws.