Nashville Misses You: Part 2

Acme Radio Live Streaming Acme Feed & Seed is normally a rockin live music venue (with the an amazing view over the river and Nissan stadium) but since their physical location is shut down, they’re now offering a Facebook Live concert series, Acme Radio Live presents the Social Distancing Sessions. They’ll be hosting Monday and Wednesday nights via […]

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Guests Welcome During Corona Outbreak

Limited Reservations Accepted We normally operate under an “all are welcome” policy and are currently not under any national or local mandate that would not allow guests. However, we feel it is the best interest of all involved to limit the circumstances in which we allow guests at our homes during the Corona outbreak. This […]

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Nashville Misses You: Part 1

Nashville Misses You. We really miss, y’all and Nashville misses you, too. To show you just how much, we’re launching a “Nashville Misses You” series. This includes ways you can stay connected and pictures from around town on social media.  Follow along as we find creative ways to explore our amazing outdoors:  Our Facebook Page  […]

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Corona Cleanse

Even the hair dryers are meeting the disinfectant wipes! Cleanliness is always at the top of our priority list for our homes however out of an abundance of caution, we’ve upped our standards and revisited our policies.  Standard Cleaning Practices All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) products which includes:  Showers, bathtubs, […]

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Coping in the Age of Corona

We’ve decided how we’ll operate our homes during this time to safely welcome guests that absolutely have to travel and have created a list of actions we can take now to help best prepare our homes to welcome those and future guests. We’ve also come up with a little campaign to stay connect with y’all since we miss you…

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Book Direct 2020

Here at Southbound Stays (formerly Nashville Vacation Homes), we are independent short term rental/ vacation rental homeowners. We advertise our homes for rent on website listing sites like AirBnB, Booking.com, VRBO and others. These sites are great to connect us with our future guests. In fact, that’s how a lot of our guests originally find […]

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Nashville Vacation Homes is becoming Southbound Stays

Hey everyone! By now, some of you already know who we are. For those of you that don’t… we’re Megan and Richard McCrea – and that cute little pup in our lap is June! We’re both born and raised Floridians turned Tennesseans, high school sweethearts and the owners + your host(esses).  Our journey Southbound began […]

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Love is in the air this February

Music City has always had a bit of a love affair with the month of February. Couples and friends alike seem to find their way to Nashville in February and 2020 is no exception to that annual tradition. We’ve got chocolate, yoga, blues festivals and romantic dinner spots on our list of fun that will […]

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December is near in Nashville

We may not get a lot of snow in Nashville, but we sure know how to do December right. This month is full of Holiday Markets and cocktail festivals, ted talks, musicians on tour and festive outdoor fun! If you are making your way to Music City this month, check out these events and let […]

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Nashville in November

Nashville is one of those cities that can’t be explored in just a day or two. Luckily, November is a month that people come and stay a little longer, celebrating with family and friends. It’s packed to the brim with food, fun, culture and activities that anyone can enjoy! Read on for an insiders list […]

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