Guest First Mentality

Our goal is simple: make travel enjoyable and easy. Megan’s past experiences as an avid business and leisure traveler has helped lead us to this point and taught us so much about hosting. In fact, we learned much of what we know today from the guest point of view. For instance, we learned that communication between the host and guest is important; what amenities make sense; what types of homes are desirable; and unfortunately, some not so good experiences have taught us what not to do as well. 

Because we were guests before we were hosts, we still operate with that guest-first mentality. During your stay, we want you to feel the comfort of being “at home” with the laid-back feeling of being away from yours. We put care into every aspect of our homes and your stay: 

  • Ever arrive after a long travel day to realize you’re thirsty or hungry? We have bottled or filtered water and snacks waiting for every guest. 
  • Forget to pack your toothbrush, or sunscreen, or even feminine products? For those instances, we have what we call our “Forgot it” baskets. They’re full of items that are commonly forgotten to hold you over until you can get to the store and stock up. 
  • Traveling with little ones in tow? Don’t worry about lugging the pack n play, baby monitor, and toys. They’ll be there waiting for you when you choose one of our properties. 

Behind every reservation we’re in the background taking notes on why each of our guests is coming to town; our rock star professional cleaning crew is cleaning every crevice in the home whether it looks like the last guest touched it or not; and we’re going behind them fluffing pillows, restocking, making sure the key code works; and during your stay, waiting on the ready to answer questions like ‘where can we get chicken and waffles on a weekday?’.

It may be a lot of work, but making sure our guests feel welcome from the moment they walk through the front door to any of our homes is something we genuinely love and take pride in.