Nashville has more than just honky tonks and BBQ joints, if you’re anything like the locals – you’ll want to experience the hills, the winding roads and the amazing trails that Tennessee has to offer.

We sure know how to have a good time, even if that doesn’t involve a guitar. Read below for some of the amazing outdoor adventures that our big town prides itself on…

Hiking Spots: There are two kinds of people out there, the ones that are into hiking and the ones that aren’t. Well, Nashville knows exactly how to battle this clash with Long Hunter State Park.  Experienced and novice hikers alike love going to this Nashville gem, located just south of the city. You can find 26 miles worth of trails ranging in difficulty and length. This little retreat from city life is exactly what you need when you’re looking to hit the refresh button. It’s the perfect day trip to see some of Tennessee’s famed wildlife, or even just a picnic by the lake.

Explore from the Sky: I have to include this because I am dying to do these but unfortunately my fear of heights holds me back. So even though I haven’t personally done any of these, our guests who lack that fear and have taken the leap, have raved about them! 

  • Helicopter with Champagne: I mean, when champagne is involved what’s not to love? This tour takes you Downtown but then also a bit around the outskirts.
  • Helicopter (short ride): Take the tour sans champagne that’s a bit shorter and then just focuses on Downtown Nashville.
  • Hot Air Balloon: This tour is based in Franklin, TN and will allow you to see beyond the city lights and enjoy the picturesque rolling hills of TN.  

Golf: Your Nashville trip will be 10x more fun if you add in a friendly game at TopGolf. This monster of a driving range is smack dab in the midst of the city. Even if you aren’t much of a golfer, we urge you to pick up that club and hit a few, you may surprise yourself. They have some of the best local beers on tap and multiple games you can play for all ranges of skill. We also have a variety of public courses you can enjoy in our specially curated digital guidebook that each of our guests gets. Not only that, but this place has their own music venue downstairs called, “The Cowan at TopGolf” if you feel the need to get your groove going. It’s easy to spend an entire day there, and we say that’s ok!

Visit our Zoo: With or without kids, the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is a pretty fun place that has taken safety and cleanliness very seriously. We’re not exactly zoo aficionados or anything (as in we’ve not been to a whole lot of zoos- though I anticipate that changing once our little guy arrives) but we’ve has several guests come through that are and say it’s one of the better zoos they’ve been to. After spending so much time in Australia, my favorite is going through and saying hello to the kangaroos! Be sure to buy/ reserve your tickets in advance – you can do so here

Segway Tour: Explore Downtown Franklin by Segway with a segway tour. Now, I’ll be totally honest that I have not done this because 1) pregnant and 2) even not pregnant I am not exactly known for being graceful. 🙂  However, we have had guests to do this and highly recommend it and felt very comfortable. 

SXS Tour: If your inner adventurer wants to see some of the ‘backroads’ in Tennessee, check out the Back Country Tour by SXS. This tour picks up in Williamsport, TN which is about 45 mins from Nashville and 30 mins from Leiper’s Fork.

If you’re ready to get away and get out, be sure to check out our vacation rental homes in Nashville and Leiper’s Fork- all centrally located to amazing outdoor activities!

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