Visit Cocoa Beach in Summer: Key Events & Dates

Welcome to the ultimate guide to summer in Cocoa Beach, where sun-soaked days, endless sandy shores, and an array of exciting events await! As temperatures rise and the days grow longer, Cocoa Beach blossoms into a haven for adventure seekers, families, and beach enthusiasts alike. From events and holiday celebrations to outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We’ll dive into the heart of Cocoa Beach’s summer scene with the can’t-miss events and adventures waiting to be experienced. Pack your flip flops and sunscreen – our summer guide is here to help you maximize your summer vacation to Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast.

Holiday Weekends in Summer

  • Mother’s Day 
  • Father’s Day 
  • Juneteenth 
  • July 4th / Independence Day 
  • Labor Day

Cocoa Beach & Space Coast Summer Events:

  • Thunder on Cocoa Beach (May 16-19) 
    • Offshore powerboat races in Cocoa Beach! The Space Coast Super Boat Grand Prix is one of the most popular family- friendly events in Central Florida. Races take place on Saturday and Sunday but other events (music, parties, vendors and food) span the dates noted. 
  • Viera CountryFest (June 8) 
    • An afternoon/ evening of country music featuring various artists at Space Coast Daily Park in Viera. 
  • 4th of July Celebrations 
    • Our favorite fireworks displays happen in Cocoa Beach, Port Canaveral and in Cocoa Village. Exact dates and times are typically posted closer to the summer. There are also a variety of picnics and parades that get announced closer to the holiday. 
      • Port Canaveral 
      • City of Cocoa Beach (Fischer Park) 
      • City of Cocoa (Cocoa Village) 

More Happenings:

If you’re not here during one of the events, no worries! There is still plenty to do during summer in Cocoa Beach. 

Swim, Surf & Sun: It’s okay to do a whole lot of nothing and the beach is a great place for that. Summer weather is perfect for enjoying swimming, surfing, and sunbathing on our gorgeous beach. 

Wildlife Encounters: 

  • Bioluminescence season can begin as early as late May/ early June but the peak of the bioluminescence season is typically between July and September. This is an amazing phenomenon where living organisms light up / glow due to a chemical reaction in their bodies. This can be seen at night in the waters of the Mosquito Lagoon, Banana River, and Indian River Lagoon. One of the best viewing places in the U.S. is right here on the Space Coast. Learn more about bioluminescence at Visit Space Coast
  • Sea Turtle Nesting Season is from March through October each year. Guided Sea Turtle walks are a wonderful way to support organizations that are dedicated to preserving sea turtles and other wildlife while getting to see them up close in a way that keeps them safe.
  • Shorebird nesting season takes place between March and September. During this time you may see fledglings, flightless, baby birds, in their nests squawking for their mom. As cute as these babies are and as upset as they seem, it’s important to not disturb these animals either. That means do not handle them, do not chase them, and do not feed them. Any of those activities can seriously harm these animals.

Beat the Heat: Yes, it gets incredibly hot during summer and sometimes you need a break from being outside (or our afternoon thunderstorms force you inside for a bit)! Here are some of our favorite places to beat the heat: 

  • Go for an ice cream break! Whether you’re traveling with kids or you’re an adult that wants to bring back those summer, childhood memories – sitting down with a drippy ice cream cone is certainly a summer favorite. Our top spots for ice cream are: Fat Donkey (Cocoa Beach) and Twistee Treat (Cocoa Beach) 
  • Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex 
  • Ron Jon Surf Shop 
  • DinoStore 
  • Brevard Zoo (this is still outside but there are a lot of shaded areas that make it a nice place to escape the direct heat)

If you are still in the planning phases of booking your trip to Cocoa Beach, we would love the opportunity to host you at our Cocoa Beach Airbnbs / Vacation RentalsYou can view our availability and book directly right here on our website. 

PS: Cocoa Beach fun isn’t limited to the summertime! Be sure to check out our What to Do Cocoa Beach guide for year-round inspiration. 

NOTE: Dates referenced are for the year 2024.

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