Nashville Luggage Storage Options

What’s the Deal with Vacation Rentals and Early Check Ins/ Late Checkouts, Anyways? 

Unlike a hotel that has blocks of the same or similar types of rooms available, you’re getting the EXACT space you booked and there is only one of it. 🙂 There is also no concierge desk or “storage room” as these are all stand alone spaces. Most rentals, including ours here at Southbound Stays are incredibly busy thanks to amazing guests like you. Nashville in particular is less seasonal which means we are welcoming guests year round and often have new guests arriving on the same day our last guests departed. Because we adhere to strict cleanliness standards, we have to allow ample time to clean and set up for each stay and need the full time allotted between those set check-out and check-in times.

This is why we are unable to offer early check-ins/ late departures. So… while we would absolutely love to accommodate every request, unfortunately this is one that is rarely possible. Unfortunately, this also includes NOT being able to offer early access to the home for any sort of drop offs, setups, luggage storage, parking, etc. 

Options When Arriving In Advance or Departing Later Than Checkout Time:

If your plans bring you to town much earlier than our check-in time or keep you significantly later than our check-out time, there are a few options that may help: 

  • For early arrival: If you’re arriving very early in the day we suggest booking the night prior to your actual arrival date *if available.* We suggest doing this at the time of booking if possible. This prevents another guest from booking a stay that departs on your arrival date and allows us to get the space ready the day before- and allows you to arrive at any time on the day of your arrival. 
  • For late departure: If you’re departing later in the day we suggest booking the night following your actual departure date *if available.* We suggest doing this at the time of booking if possible. This prevents another guest from booking a stay that arrives on your departure date and allows us to schedule cleaning and set up the next morning- and allows you to depart at any time on the day of your departure. 

** For either of these options, please message us well in advance for availability but at least 72 hours is typically required as this often will rely on availability of our cleaning team. We are unable to accommodate day prior or day of requests. 

Luggage Storage Options: 

If your plans bring you to town earlier than our check-in time or later than our check-out time and you just need something to do with your bags for a few hours, we suggest utilizing a luggage storage service. 

Airport/ Meet at the Rental Service: We just adore Amy, the owner / operator of She’s Got Baggage luggage service. She makes it incredibly easy to store your bags as she or one of her drivers will meet you at the airport and then deliver the bags to the rental for arrivals or pick your bags up from the rental and deliver to the airport for departures. She was also kind enough to provide us with a code for our guests to get 10% off their service. If you book, head over to her website and enter code SBS10 for 10% off. We do suggest reserving as far in advance as possible as she does book up quickly. 

Drop Off/ Pick Up Your Bags Near the Rental: This is a newer to Nashville service but so far, we are impressed. Luggage Hero allows you to enter the address of the rental and find nearby places for you to store your luggage. The storage options are typically businesses who have extra space anyways. This is typically the cheapest option and great for last minute as you can typically book for space within the coming hour(s). When you use the Southbound Stays link, they offer our guests 2 hours free for the first bag. 

Drop Off / Pick Up Your Bags Downtown Service: If you are heading to Downtown Nashville anyways to kill time before or after your flight, Stow Station is a great option. You just drop your bags at their location off of 1st Avenue and pick them up when ready. Owned by a fellow host, this is one of the longest standing luggage storage companies in town. He offers our guests 40% off when you book online and use the code SOUTHBOUND at the time of booking. Reservations are required. 

If you’re looking for a place to stay on your Visit to Nashville, check out our Nashville vacation rentals, Visit Nashville and what to do in Nashville pages.

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