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Leiper’s Fork may be a small town with a population of just over 650 people but there are many big ways to experience it. We’ve spent a lot of extra time out in Leiper’s Fork lately so we thought we’d share some of our favorite finds plus some great resources to access when planning your stay! 

First of all, one of our absolute favorite resources is a site called run by a local named, Randy. He puts together some of the best tips on hikes, trails, stops and even events along the Natchez Trace Trail. You can find Leiper’s Fork information here and Nashville/ Franklin information here

During one recent weekend, we wanted to start our day with a hike and take in the outdoors. After using Randy’s site, we found the Garrison Creek Hiking & Horse Trail on his recommendation list. It was perfect for us with me being pregnant plus for our friends with their 2 young kiddos. 

After our nice little outing, we headed to the village for a leisurely lunch at Puckett’s. They offer a daily menu with a few meat and side options that change daily along with a few staples that are always on the menu like burgers and chicken tenders. I tend to go for the ‘meat & 3’ style (you choose one meat and 3 sides for those of you not from the South) and my simple husband usually gets chicken tenders. 🙂 The food is great but the charm of the place is what really makes it. You grab a seat inside or out and simply take your time and hang. You’ll find this especially true in the evenings when they have live music and on Sundays. We then let our friends kids wear themselves out in the courtyard nextdoor before heading back to our home, Lyric

The rest of the day was nothing exciting but that was the joy of it. We sat for awhile lounging on the rocking chairs on the balcony, we all took naps and then made a yummy group dinner at the house. Once that was done, we had some friends out from Nashville who joined us for a bonfire – lots of wine (for the non-preggo people), s’mores and cakes.

For those of you looking to do a little more than just sleep and eat (no judgement either way), another great resource for Leiper’s Fork is the visitor’s center for the area, Visit Franklin. They highlight our favorite restaurant in town, The 1892 and then of course, the adorable shops and art galleries.

If you prefer to spend your time outdoors exploring, definitely head over to for those trail stops and guides we mentioned. Also, know that there is a brand new mountain bike park, Wilkins Branch Mountain Bike Park that just opened in 2020.

If you’re considering checking out Leiper’s Fork, be sure to check out our neighborhood page about the area and of course, if you’re looking for a place to rest your head during your visit to Franklin, TN or Leiper’s Fork, TN be sure to check out our home, Lyric at Leiper’s Fork

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