Vacation Rental Sister Hosts

If our properties are unavailable or do not meet your booking criteria, we recommend checking out the properties below. These are managed by friends and fellow hosts, Jenn and Loni at Music City Magnolia. We feel confident in recommending them as we have similar hosting and property standards. 

You can search their properties below by date, guest count or bedroom criteria to get results that fit what you’re looking for in a stay.

Short Term Rentals in Nashville & Middle Tennesee

Please note that other hosts vary in their accommodations, “house rules”, etc and by clicking on any property, you will be directed to a different website. While we do recommend one another as hosts, we are not officially affiliated in any way. This also means that Southbound Stay discount codes, credits and special offers may not be used on their properties.

We hope you find a rental that fits your needs for this trip and that you’ll check out Southbound Stays next time!