Baby Gear Rentals

Baby / Family Gear Rentals thru Babyquip

Why We Love It

While we provide a variety of family- friendly conveniences, there are certain items like car seats, strollers, slumber pods, etc that we are unable to provide. We have personally used Babyquip on our travels for these items so we don’t have to lug things with us – especially when we’re flying. They rent and deliver the equipment directly to the rental! While each provider on Babyquip is different, we have always had great experiences!

Local Tip

The “learn more” link takes you to our preferred Babyquip provider for the area. However, if there are items she doesn’t have, you can check availability for the area here.

Be sure to check our Planning Guide & House Manual’s “What We Provide” section if you are a guest of Southbound Stays so you know what we already have at the home for your use.

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