A little known fact about Nashville, we are a foodie’s idea of a good time.

When you start planning your trip to Music City you usually focus on the music, and that’s understandable. But everybody’s got to eat, so we are here to give you a quick rundown on the hotspots you can grab a quick delicious bite & the restaurants that will be stored in your memory bank forever.

Start your day off right at The Donut + Dog – this gourmet donut house is exactly that, a house.

It’s easy to miss driving down Belcourt Avenue, but it’s filled with some of the most surprising and delightful donut flavors you’ve ever tasted. Not only that, but It’s a Nashville one-stop-shop. This means if you get there in the morning you can have a donut and coffee for breakfast, and when lunchtime rolls around you can grab a mouth watering hot dog and wash it down with a beer.

The Donut + Dog makes it easy to transition from coffee to day drinking, we all know how difficult that can be. (If you’re having trouble deciding which donut you want, we recommend the Big Bad Wolf, it’s cinnamon apple goodness with house-made caramel drizzle, oh my.)

Nashville has recently gotten an intense amount of high scale dining restaurants and few are as finely priced as Butchertown Hall. Don’t get it twisted, this is no burger joint – but you get quality, fresh food and you won’t be paying an arm and a leg for it. Nestled in the hip neighborhood of Germantown, it’s a stones throw into the bustling city.. but it also has a relaxed “glass of wine and talk about life” kind of atmosphere. Grab some house pimento cheese, a woodfired pizza to share and sip on that mojito, you’ll want to stay awhile.

Just as you started your day of right, you gotta end it on a good note, this is where The Treehouse comes in. This place is great all day, but especially if you’ve been out late and suddenly have a hankering for oysters or twice fried chicken wings. At first glance this twinkly lit spot may have a pretentious feel, but it is where Nashville chefs eat and bartenders go to drink. We think the spiced chocolate souffle is to die for (but don’t take out word for it.. experience that heaven for yourself.) They serve food til 1AM and the friendly wait staff knows more about the dishes they serve than your grandmother knows about what is in that bundt cake she made you last week.

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