Trip Insurance

The Importance of Trip Insurance

For many of our guests, travel goes exactly as planned. However, the unfortunate truth is that for some guests, things can and sometimes do happen. We, ourselves have first hand experience of things not going according to plan: we’ve had canceled and shortened trips due to our own health issues and the loss of family members; ended up in the emergency room overseas and even had an emergency appendectomy while on a trip. And that’s just what has happened to us! As travellers we ALWAYS buy insurance on trips (stays and airfare). 

Though there is a nominal cost (it is a % based on your total reservation), having trip insurance, especially a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) policy can cover larger losses should you have luck like us and have a travel mishap or cancellation. 

While we always aim to be as flexible as possible with our guests, we also must balance the fact that our rental homes are our livelihood. When establishing our cancellation policies, we chose what we felt was a fair balance in shared responsibility between both our guests and ourselves. Though our policies tend to be a far more lenient than traditional hospitality providers like hotels, airlines and even larger vacation rental companies, we do still have to adhere to them. For instance, let’s say you come down with the flu the day before you are supposed to fly out to stay at one of our homes. Unfortunately, you would likely not be entitled to a refund except the cleaning fee on your stay with us (nor your airfare). 

If you purchase travel insurance, though the insurance company would pay you back for any amount not refunded under the cancelation policy.  Everybody is better off this way. Though many owners require their guests to purchase travel insurance, we offer it as an option to you. However, not purchasing it is at your own risk – and promise not to get upset with us when we uphold our cancelation policy! 🙂 

We have no affiliation with the travel insurance company and it is a contract between the guest and the insurance company – you’re just providing a convenient way to add it to your reservation which you are able to do at the time of booking (and in some cases post booking).  We also are not involved in making, receiving, or approving any claims, and the travel insurance will send you any amount covered by their policy. It is important to understand the terms and conditions that apply, to read your Description of Coverage/Policy carefully as you would/ should with any additional insurance or protection policy. It is the travellers’ responsibility to read and understand all policy details prior to purchasing to ensure you are eligible and would be covered. 

You can learn more by visiting Rental Guardian’s online brochure or by contacting the Rental Guardian Support Team for assistance at (888)885-5550 or at