Stay for Good

When You Stay with Southbound Stays, You Stay For Good…

We are proud partners of Stay For Good, a Nashville-based not-for-profit that is dedicated to giving back to the community through 2 key causes. Each month, Southbound Stays donates a portion of revenue from our guests’ stays to Stay for Good. The Economic impact of The Academy is now over $6 Million every year and growing. That money goes right back to the local economy and is helping neighbors thrive on their own terms. Your stays helps fund:

  • Script to Screen: Only 34% of Nashville kids are reading at grade level. That means 2 out of 3 kids have fallen behind and are more likely to drop out. Script to Screen takes a creative approach to tackling this epidemic: connecting kids’ passion for movies with the value of reading. Students watch a hit movie (recently, Black Panther), then review the script together. Next, they learn how to write their own stories, craft them into a script, and ultimately make a short film.Each program finishes with a red carpet movie premiere: With neighbors, popcorn, and a professional photographer, it’s a party you don’t want to miss… bringing neighborhoods together to celebrate the kids’ hard work and creativity. Learn more about Script to Screen:
  • The Academy: Seeing talent all over the community but not a clear path to opportunity, The Academy was created to give underestimated entrepreneurs a clear path to start their business journey.The Academy is a 10-week program that equips community members with the skills they need to plan, start, and grow their own small business. It seeks to support our neighbors’ God-given passion, creativity, and drive, with the right tools to succeed in turning their business dream into a money-making reality.For families in low-income communities, small business creation is a vital, yet missing, piece of the economic picture. Currently the living wage in Nashville is $22.65 for a single parent with one child, compared to the $7.25 minimum wage The Academy is designed to help neighbors create a sustainable economic engine for their family and community.

    In an effort to remove many of the typical barriers to entrepreneurial training, The Academy is offered in a variety of locations, all within walking distance of government housing projects. It is also intentionally affordable; students are only required to cover the cost of their curriculum workbook and materials. Over the last 2 years, The Academy has graduated 200 entrepreneurs, each in various stages of small business ownership.

    According to statistics available from the Small Business Administration, the economic impact of The Academy on our communities is estimated at $4 million dollars annually. The Academy is excited to be a bridge in the partnership of new and established local business leaders. Learn more here:

You can learn more about Stay for Good on their website!