Dog House Rules & TN Leash Laws

House Rules for Dogs

We love and welcome potty trained dogs that get along with other dogs. There is a fee of $15/ day/ dog- up to 2 dogs per stay with the following conditions: 

  • Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to bring them
  • Avoid having them on the furniture or keep furniture covered with blankets/covers brought by you
  • Utilize the pet waste bags we have provided and pick up after your pets once they have done their business outdoors. Please dispose of this in the pet waste receptacle located outside the back of the home. 
  • We do not allow any other pets, reptiles, or anything non-human with a heart beat. 🙂 
  • If you have a unique circumstance, please discuss with us first. 🙂
  • Bringing a pet without prior notice will result in forfeiture of your security deposit. 

Leash Laws in Tennessee

Tennessee Leash Law: In Tennessee, it is unlawful to permit a dog to run at large, unless the dog is engaged in legal hunting or herding. 

View the full laws here: