Corona Cleanse

Even the hair dryers are meeting the disinfectant wipes!

Cleanliness is always at the top of our priority list for our homes however out of an abundance of caution, we’ve upped our standards and revisited our policies. 

Standard Cleaning Practices

We are following the CDC guidelines in regards to our cleaning practices. This includes all surfaces being thoroughly cleaned with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) products which includes: 

  • Showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, cabinets, shelving, faucets and fixtures  
  • Mattresses, sofas and upholstered headboards 
  • Floors are vacuumed and mopped, including cleaning the mop between each home
  • Windows and coverings
  • Comforters, blankets, sheets and towels are freshly laundered between every guest stay
  • Small throw rugs are washed in hot water between every guest stay

Corona Deep Clean

During the time that our homes were vacant, everything that could be washed and wiped down got another clean/ wipe down with EPA approved products and “super deep” cleans were conducted: 

  • All pillows & encasements have been washed in hot water
  • All throw pillows that could be washed have been or they have been replaced with new ones
  • All welcome, ‘forgot it’ and even doggie baskets were cleaned with disinfectant sprays and wipes and some items were replaced with new ones
  • All clean linens that we kept in the homes as backups have been re-laundered
  • All small appliances, hair dryers and dishes have been wiped down and re-washed
  • All knick knacks and decor that are normally dusted are being disinfected
  • All metal bed frames, mirrors and other small furniture is being wiped down 

Cleaning Crew Precautions

Our amazing cleaning crew is taking all precautions possible with their staff, including the wearing of gloves and masks and reinforcing proper hand washing. They are also educating their crew about signs and symptoms of the virus and the importance of reporting to them if they have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with the virus. Furthermore: 

  • They have adjusted their cleaning protocols as outlined above, including that all products are EPA approved and are believed to kill the virus
  • Additional disinfecting of high touch-point surfaces such as light switches and door knobs in addition to all regularly cleaned surfaces.
  • The team has a COVID-19 checklist they are following until that is no longer necessary for their own safety as well as the safety of our guests.
  • They are operating with the knowledge that if one staff member comes in contact or gets diagnosed with the virus that there is a possibility they would have to quarantine the entire staff. They are putting same staff together as much as possible to try to limit the impact.

Temporary Precautions & Removal of Items

In an effort to help limit the potential spread of the virus as best we can, we have decided to take a few extra precautions in our homes: 

  • We are currently keeping a minimum gap of 1 day between check-outs and check-ins for the safety or guests, our cleaning team and ourselves. 
  • All throw blankets are typically laundered between each stay, however after laundering, we are placing in sealed wrap and leaving them out that way so that you know they are clean.
  • We are having to limit our toilet paper to 1 roll on the holder and 1 roll as a backup per bathroom. 
  • We are having to limit our paper towel to 2 rolls per stay.

More information is constantly being released in regards to cleaning best practices as everyone learns more about the virus. We are monitoring this daily and consistently adapting therefore, this information is subject to change at any given moment. We will continue to update this page for that reason.