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Here at Southbound Stays (formerly Nashville Vacation Homes), we are independent short term rental/ vacation rental homeowners. We advertise our homes for rent on website listing sites like AirBnB,, VRBO and others. These sites are great to connect us with our future guests. In fact, that’s how a lot of our guests originally find us. However, that initial connection is where their involvement ends. Creating an amazing experience for our guests’ means that once you have booked, the rest is up to us- not AirBnB, Vrbo or anyone else.

Behind every reservation we’re in the background taking notes on why each guest is coming to town; our rock star professional cleaning crew is cleaning every crevice in the homes (whether it looks like the last guest touched it or not); Megan is going behind them fluffing pillows, restocking coffee, making sure the lock code works; and during your stay, waiting on the ready to answer questions like ‘where can we get chicken and waffles?’ (on a weekday). It may be a lot of work, but making sure our guests feel welcome from the moment they walk through the front door of our homes is something we love and take pride in.

These are our homes, you are our guests and we want to maintain that connection and identity independent of any other website like Airbnb or VRBO. Kind of how you may have found your personal home on a website like but simply call it your home, not your “” 

Beyond that, there are some other benefits to booking directly right here on our website versus on travel websites: 

  • Best Price Guarantee: you will always find the best price when booking on our website because you avoid listing fees. 
  • Return Guest Discount: for our return guests, we offer a 10% discount on your nightly rental rates. No blackout dates. 
  • Direct Contact: you will always speak directly to us via email or phone.

You are also supporting our independence and the ability for us to keep on doing what we do for you, the guest. 

Booking Direct FAQs: 

  • Sounds good, but is it safe?
    • We totally get it, we may feel like strangers right now. But by being able to contact us directly, we can set a time to pick up the phone and introduce ourselves as well as share details about our homes and the areas. Through this direct connection, we hope to put your mind at ease about who you’ll be renting from. That’s something that simply is not allowed through most travel websites. 
    • We have more than 500+ 5-star reviews across listing sites and our own website to help put your mind at ease. See what other guests who have stayed in our homes say about their stays.
    • Get to know us better by following along in our adventures on social media. 
  • Is it safe to share my credit card details?
    • All payments are processed directly on our secure booking website via a payment processor. This means your credit card details are never shared directly with us nor anyone else. 
  • What if I book and am unable to make the trip?
    • As frequent business and leisure travelers, we’ve learned that crazy things can happen to prevent you from making a flight or stay – or even while traveling. For instance, Megan has personally ended up in the ER in 2 foreign countries – yikes. While you never want to think these things will happen, life is life. Because of this, we always purchase travel insurance when we book a trip to protect ourselves. We also offer this same option to our guests to purchase so you can be covered if something were to happen. This is something that is not offered when booking on most travel websites. You’ll see this option to add on when booking your stay on our secure website. 
    • Side note: travel insurance is typically only 7-8% on top of the cost of your stay. Meanwhile, booking on a travel website can cost anywhere from 13-20% on top of the cost of your trip in service fees alone. You can use some of the money you save on booking directly on our website to put towards that AND STILL pocket some money for spending!

What is #BookDirect Day?

You may have heard of the annual #BookDirect Guest Education Day, championed by the team at VRM Intel. This typically happens in February each year – and today is that day. This is a day when vacation rental managers and homeowners join forces for one day with a singular message to let travelers know that there are many advantages to booking directly with homeowners or management companies. Check out the #bookdirect on facebook or instagram to view inventory from other independent owners and managers like us! 

We hope this helps put your mind at ease but if not, feel free to contact us at and we’re happy to answer any other questions you may have. 

We look forward to hosting you! 

Megan, Richard & June McCrea

Owners/ Managers, Southbound Stays 

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